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It is a word editor that combines features from Notepad and WordPad
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Joesph This is an excellent program! As a head of tech support, I installed this program on all the school computers for the students to use. I have already received several comments about how the students love it! I'm sure this program works well for home and office use, but it for sure is great for education.

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Ralph Emerson This is a great program! While not quite as compatible as Microsoft Word, the tabbed interface, speech function, and beautiful interface actually are amazing reasons to use this application over MS Word!

I don't know what the other commenter is talking about. I have Windows 8 and this app works fine. Yes, the installer has a problem with Windows 8 where it won't auto-open after the installation, but DyNiForm even tells you that during the install process. Loading the app from the Start Screen works fine after the install finishes. This also begs the question as the whether Brian had .NET 4.

Honestly though I had an amazing experience with this app. One of my new favorite ones! I'm using Windows 8 on a 2012 HP PC! I also installed it on Bootcamp on my new MacBook with Windows 7, it works well there too.

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Brian It has a great interface, wonderful functions BUT if you think you can use it in Windows 8 you're wrong. It states you can, but it's wrong. On their website thy state the truth but you have to look for it, they don't like programming for 8 because of some changes. This is only a deal if they pay you to take it. It was totally unusable.

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